Sonic The Hedgehog

Blue Raspberry and Cherry flavored frozen Retro Pop

Ninja Turtle

Smooth cherry ice face bar complete with bubble gum eyes

Powerpuff Girls

Cherry flavored frozen confection shaped in the likeness of The Powerpuff Girls with gumball eyes.

Spongebob Square Pants

Frozen fruit punch and cotton candy flavored ice cream.

Pineapple Italian Ice
Cotton Candy Italian Ice
Sour green apple Italian Ice
Mango Italian Ice
Original Bombpop

The ice cream truck classic that you know and love!

Flavors of cherry, lime and blue raspberry fill the famous fins that make this treat

Jolly Rancher pop

Featuring watermelon, grape, lemon, cherry and green

Banana fudge Bombpop

Delicious chocolate fudge and banana flavored fudge in the iconic rocket shape

Watermelon Bombpop

A refreshingly sweet blast of watermelon With candy seeds

ice cream sandwich

It features smooth and creamy chocolate ice cream with fudge sauce in between two chocolate-flavored wafers

Birthday party sandwich

Delicious white cake flavored ice cream swirled with blue frosting and festive candy pieces

Vanilla Sandwich

Vanilla flavor frozen dairy dessert layered between two chocolaty wafers.

Jolly rancher Snow Cone

Bursting with fruit flavor!
Rainbow stripes of apple, lemon and cherry flavor this sweet, A shaved ice treat

Star Bar

vanilla ice cream bar, dipped in a chocolaty coating. Made with pure real vanilla cream

Toasted almond

An almond-flavored ice cream full of nutty pieces of chopped, toasted almonds, topped with dripping homemade caramel sauce and sprinkled with extra chopped almonds

Oreo Cookie Sandwich

Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Sandwiches are a creamy vanilla frozen dairy dessert mixed with crunchy Oreo cookie pieces placed between two big Oreo wafers

Cookie Crunch N` Fudge Sundae
Bubble Gum Bar

Our sweet creamy bubble gum bar swirls pink and blue bubble gum together for a treat

Chocolate Eclair

This newly-improved classic combines chocolate filling, and delicious cake crunch to create a taste sensation no-one can resist

Strawberry shortcake sundae
Cookies ‘n’ Crèam Bar

A unique twist swirling delicious white chocolate flavored creme with yummy chocolate cookie bits.

Snickers Ice Cream

Made with creamy peanut butter ice cream, smooth caramel and crunchy peanuts and covered in a chocolate shell.

TWIX Ice Cream Bar

Creamy vanilla ice cream, gooey caramel and the great cookie crunch covered in a rich, delicious chocolaty coating

Looney Tunes

Sweet and refreshing vanilla, tropical punch and birthday cake flavors

Coco Glace

Dessert is a new innovative approach to enjoy the most well known tropical fruit.
Slices of all natural coconut and fresh coconut water are served in a real coconut shell.