Package deals All item prices and service fees include local, and state sales tax.

If you wish to book your event, please click on the Contact form or text my phone number with your inquiry.

It is very important that you include the DATE, TIME and ADDRESS of the event.

I want you to be completely satisfied with my products and services! Please let me know if you have any special request.

Your referrals and repeat business is most important to me!

There is a minimum service fee of $50

(Reason for the service fee: It covers my fuel, travel time and expressway tolls as I travel to and from each event)

Examples of pricing.

10 guest served $50 + 10@ $3.00 = $80.00

20 guest served $50 + 20@ $3.00 = $110.00

30 guest served $50 + 30@ $3.00 = $140.00

50 guest served $50 + 50@ $3.00 = $200.00

*Custom Pricing Available Call now!